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What is lactofermentation?

by | 25 Mar 2021

Lactofermentation is an age-old method of preservation that offers many health benefits. The process of lactofermentation relies on lactic acid forming bacteria to digest the fermentable fibre and sugars contained in plant based foods. These bacteria are also known as LAB, they are mainly part of the lactobacilli family. Lactofermentation with plant based foods is easy and also extremely safe.

Combined with the addition of salt, the conversion of the fibre to lactic acid by the bacteria lowers the pH environment, making it inhospitable to pathogens. Once the acidic environment is established and the jar is well colonised by lactic acid bacteria, your jar will keep for months or even years in a cold environment. Gluts of vegetables can then be preserved for use throughout the year at very little cost. Lactofermentation, as well as preserving all the nutritional goodness contained within, also enhances the natural benefits of the plant based food by creating powerful antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory compounds. These are just some of the benefits of fermented foods, but there are many more.



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