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by | 30 Mar 2023

I have a hiatus hernia and have been on long-term PPI meds. Doctor says this is better than burning my oesophagus with acid reflux which can lead to precancerous cellular changes, though he knows it can make me deficient in certain vitamins and minerals and seriously alter my microbiome. Feels like my choice is between a rock and a hard place. As the hernia is a mechanical fault there are no lifestyle changes that I feel I can make to get rid of it, as it’s something one is stuck with. Do you have any ideas/advice, either nutritionally or as a visceral osteopath, that can help me address the deficiencies that PPI meds can lead to?
Do you do online nutrition sessions, eg on zoom? Many thanks for your time in reading this.

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  1. Laurence Fourdrignier

    Hi Denise,
    First, let me say that many people have a sliding hiatus hernia and no symptoms. The hernia is not always the problem, the reflux is as the oesophagus is not protected by mucus against the stomach acid.

    The hiatus hernia usually happens as the result of various mechanical factors that affect the pressure differential of the different cavities in the body, leading to the stomach being sucked in and out of the thorax cavity. Often a hormonal factor can also play a part by causing a loosening of the muscular fibres around the opening of the diaphragm for the oesophagus. This means that women are more vulnerable to it and particularly during pregnancy and menopause. Other factors like posture, occupation, body typology, age, quantity and quality of foods etc can all be contributing factors too.

    A visceral Osteopath looks at all of these factors, works to restore posture and pressure differential through the physical therapy by restoring mobility in the relevant musculoskeletal structures and organs. This can help to minimise the effect of the hernia. I don’t know what area you live in, but if you have a visceral osteopath near you, it is definitely worth trying a visit.

    There are also nutritional approaches that are useful to treat gastro-oesophageal reflux such as a Food Combining diet, also known as the Hay diet. Maybe something you can look into. Simple things like taking the time to eat, to chew, particularly to chew, and your posture whilst eating all matter. Of course, the type of food you eat also matter, ultra-processed foods have a hugely negative impact on everything in your body.
    And finally, there are also herbal remedies that might be worth trying. Finding a good medical Herbalist is also a good idea.

    I hope this helps and might give you a starting point.
    All the best,

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