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The Fermented Lady

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Laurence Fourdrignier, DO ND, qualified in 1993 as an Osteopath and as a Naturopath in 1996. She teaches in the UK and internationally Visceral Osteopathy in the context of a Naturopathic approach,  Diet and Nutrition looking at all the recent Microbiome developments.

She also runs lacto-fermentation workshops in the community.

She has now written a cookbook to support her work with patients looking at easy ways to introduce lacto-fermentation in their daily lives to repair the damage caused to the microbiome by the current modern lifestyle.

There are 198 pages of recipes and remedies for everybody, from very simple tasty recipes to more complex delicious fermented vegan nut cheeses.

All the recipes are about increasing the amount of plant-based food in the diet, reducing food waste, using foods locally grown, in season and organic wherever possible, occasionally foraged,  fermented or not if you’re not quite sure yet.

It aims to challenge pre-conceived ideas, moving away from labels and chemicals, supporting your local environment inside and outside the body, a book about alternatives, creativity and exploration of new flavours. And above all, it is about restoring and nurturing gut and mind health using real foods and age-old methods of preservation.

Have fun and let your body do the talking!

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6 reviews for The Fermented Lady

  1. Les Dike

    I have never tried to ferment anything in my life… but then I met The Fermented Lady and life has not been the same since! My fridge is full of jars full of garlic, turmeric, ginger, carrots, wild garlic and water kefir. No room for anything else! Fermenting things feels like going back to school, doing chemistry…. it is great fun, as long as you have got all the right things you need esp those kilner jars. The book is full of wonderful recipes as well as the basics on how to ferment all those different ingredients. The pictures are really helpful, and the text is comprehensive and shows how experienced Laurence is. Make sure that your room temperature is 20C otherwise the process doesn’t work. An airing cupboard would be the best place to get the fermentation going. Last thing, Laurence, where did you get that hat on the foreword page????!!!

    • Laurence Fourdrignier

      Thank you Les! And if the house is too cold, a cost effective solution is to use a temperature controlled heat mat under your jars. These mats are used in vivariums and are found easily on the internet. Or alternatively still, try to leave the jars in the oven with just the light on. The heat from the light should be enough to bring it to temperature. As for the hat, that came from an off-grid festival in Devon. It is one of a kind! 😉

  2. Bob and Kath

    In her book, The Fermented Lady, Laurence Fourdrignier shares her passion for rediscovering ‘lost’ methods of food preparation which actively promote good health. The book begins with a useful and interesting introduction to the human microbiome, the need for friendly bacteria, and a convincing argument for including fermented foods for medicinal purposes as well as for pleasurable, healthy eating. For many of us that will mean being more experimental with our diet. Since buying the book, a glass of Kefir has become a daily ritual in our house and we have fermented part of an over-abundant supply of allotment beans into a delicious pickle. There are far too many recipes to comment on them all here but we can highly recommend the wild garlic and walnut pesto, the baba ganoush, chickpea curry, and the cauliflower pizza base. Tonight’s starter – nettle soup!

  3. katie

    A great recipe book – well researched and easy to follow. I love the wild garlic and walnut pesto. I tried this recipe also using wild onion as an alternative. This smells very similar to wild garlic but not as strong and is also very delicious. The pesto freezes well too. The book has also made a brilliant present for a couple of friends.

  4. JS

    This is a truly educational & beautiful book both to read & learn from & to handle. A huge amount of care has gone into the layout & I feel summer is going to be a voyage of discovery as different foods come into season.
    I’ve given several copies as presents & all have been well received.
    I just need to find more space in the kitchen!

  5. Alison

    This is an excellent book – really easy to read and do ( and I’m not someone who cooks loads) Laurence makes the subject accessible and interesting. and there’s plenty of easy things to make. I’ve given some as presents too -for people with gluten allergies. They’ve been really impressed to.

  6. Lucy

    Really love this book and would highly recommend! Recipes are easy to follow and taste delicious. Very educational and interesting. Laurence is extremely talented and inspirational.

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